Grant Information

FY23 Grant Information

The Constable Ethics, Standards & Training Board is pleased to announce the availability of grant funding for Constable Equipment and Training. Funding will be available through competitive grant programs. See details about current funding opportunities below:

PLEASE NOTE: The following instructions apply to all grant applications:

  1. Please submit a Grant Cover Letter with your application.
  2. You are required to submit 1 original and an electronic copy of your application and supporting documents on a dvd or flash drive (flash drives will be returned)
  3. A copy of the contract is provided for your review only. Upon approval of your grant application a formal contract will be provided to you with instructions on how to complete the process.

The following grant application deadlines for FY23:

Cycle I: Equipment - August 29, 2022 ($55,000 available)
Cycle II: Outside Training - August 29, 2022  ($7,500 available)
Cycle III: Organizational Training - October 31, 2021 ($125,000 available)
Cycle IV: Equipment - January 30, 2023 ($55,000 available)
Cycle V: Outside Training - January 30, 2023 ($7,500 available)
Cycle VI: Organizational Firearms Training - November 30, 2022 ($75,000 available)
Cycle VII: Organizational Training - May 1, 2023 ($125,000 available)

When the application process opens for each grant cycle, details about each funding opportunity and applications will be available below.

Constable Grant Application Cycle IV Equipment - OPEN

Application deadline - 12:00 PM Monday January 30, 2023

FY23 CNA EQ Cycle IV Grant Manual and Application


Constable Grant Application Cycle V Outside Training - OPEN

Application deadline - 12:00 PM Monday January 30, 2023

FY23 CNA OTG Cycle V Grant Manual and Application


Constable Grant Sample Contract - for information only


Constable Grant Application Training Materials

Constables should use the following resource to ensure their applications are complete and correct.

CNA Grant Application Training Materials