Grant Information

FY23 Grant Information

The Constable Ethics, Standards & Training Board is pleased to announce the availability of grant funding for Equipment and Training. Funding will be available through competitive grant programs. See details about current funding opportunities below:

PLEASE NOTE: The following instructions apply to all grant applications:

  1. Please submit a Grant Cover Letter with your application.
  2. You are required to submit 1 original and an electronic copy of your application and supporting documents on a dvd or flash drive (flash drives will be returned)
  3. A copy of the contract is provided for your review only. Upon approval of your grant application a formal contract will be provided to you with instructions on how to complete the process.

The following grant application deadlines for FY23:

Cycle I: Equipment - August 29, 2022 ($55,000 available)
Cycle II: Outside Training - August 29, 2022  ($7,500 available)
Cycle III: Organizational Training - October 31, 2021 ($125,000 available)
Cycle IV: Equipment - January 30, 2023 ($55,000 available)
Cycle V: Outside Training - January 30, 2023 ($7,500 available)
Cycle VI: Organizational Firearms Training - February 27, 2023 ($75,000 available)
Cycle VII: Organizational Training - May 1, 2023 ($125,000 available)

When the application process opens for each grant cycle, details about each funding opportunity and applications will be available below.

Constable Grant Application Cycle I Equipment - OPEN

Application deadline - 12:00 PM Monday August 29, 2022

FY23 CNA EG Cycle I Grant Manual and Application

Constable Grant Application Cycle II Outside Training - OPEN

Application deadline - 12:00 PM Monday August 29, 2022

FY 23 CNA OTG Cycle II Grant Manual and Application

Constable Grant Sample Contract - for information only


Constable Grant Application Training Materials

Constables should use the following resource to ensure their applications are complete and correct.

CNA Grant Application Training Materials